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Employment Opportunities at SAF-T-LOK

SAF-T-LOK Manufacturing plant 
With world standards demanding ever improving performance, SAF-T-LOK was founded in 1983 to fill this industry need and specifically provide the highest quality precision engineered adhesives and sealants. In a phrase "Performance by Design".

In fact, SAF-T-LOK has energized the patent technology and development work of acquisition companies that pioneered this field as far back as 1962 in a metamorphosis to the young, fast growing and responsive company that it is today.
As an ISO-9001 certified firm, SAF-T-LOK International Corporation's quality adhesive/sealants and manufacturing capability represents the new standard for this industry. With global objectives in mind, an internationally recognized auditing company was chosen for certification. The capability to provide industry needs is clearly documented by having received the highest quality rating possible, ISO-9001. An integral part of this world class certification is the SAF-T-LOK commitment to continuous improvement in every element of its business.

SAF-T-LOK goes beyond the typical corporate objectives as indicated in the company "Quality Statement". Each member of the SAF-T-LOK team will strive not only to meet, but to "exceed customers expectations." With the growth rate of emerging economies far outpacing that of the western world SAF-T-LOK was early to recognize the potential for assembly regions and as the lights are turned out at the end of the day in America, the lights are being turned on in a nonstop market development and product innovation cycle with our customers elsewhere in the world. 

Location: Dallas, TX. 
Description: Manage several state area for manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, and lubricants. Develop business by meeting with manufacturers and distributors in the industrial market. Travel several state area. 

Base salary plus commission, lap top computer and cell phone provided. Over night travel is required and travel expenses are paid. 
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